House Extensions

House Extensions | Taylor Ashley have a wealth of experience extending your home. Whether it’s a house extension, a new conservatory, a loft conversion or a garage conversion, we have the skills. If your family is growing or you just want more room to breathe, but for whatever reason you want to stay in your present home, then a house extension is the answer. Sometimes it’s not possible to extend out from your house, but you have a garage or a loft that can be converted, then we are able to do this for you. An extension of any kind will add huge value to your home and is a great investment.

House extensions are our forte at Taylor Ashley. We have creative team with the skills to add beautifully designed and imaginative extensions to your home.

Great for you

Extending your home, however you choose to do it, is a great option for you. Cheaper than buying a new house, adding the extra space that you need and adding value to your home. Taylor Ashley are here to help you from design to completion