House Renovation

Not only does Taylor Ashley undertake new build, house extensions, garage conversions and loft conversions, but we also undertake all kinds of house renovation. Whether you are looking to improve a room in your house or updating your bathroom or kitchen, or if you have found your ideal home that is in less than ideal condition and needs everything done to it. We are here to help.

It can be expensive to move house and extending your home is not always a possibility, so renovation is sometimes the answer. Taylor Ashley can add value to your home in many ways. From fitting your chosen kitchen to designing and making a bespoke kitchen for you, we have skilled carpenters who will transform your home. Updating your bathroom or changing the layout of your home, will not only add value, but will give your home a new lease of life. For the more ambitious, buying a complete wreck at a bargain price and turning it into a dream home is something that Taylor Ashley have all the expertise to help you achieve.

Great for you

Renovating your home is a great option. Sometimes all a house need is a little TLC to turn it into somewhere you want to stay in longer than you thought.